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Just a quick update on progress so far.


The track is down and wiring nearing completion.  There's been a lot happening here of late with family matters of one thing and another so modeling time has been severely compromised.  




My wiring method ain't neat, but it works!  All points are motored and the frogs wired to Peco switches - a lot of work but worth the effort for a yard type layout. So hopefully loco stutter will be non existent and slow running should be superb when all things have been tested.  I like to attach the motor directly to point then cut out a hole in the board to take it - note the piece of mounting card between point a motor that fills the gap in the hole.  This is going to save a load of work patching up the holes at a later stage when it comes to ballasting.  


When wiring, I tend to draw a crude track plan on the side of the layout support boards then put a load of screws in that represent the point switches and isolated sections etc - these have the appropriate wires under the board soldered to them.  I then use stud probes to test the under board wiring by placing them on the screw heads.  Later on these screw heads will have wires soldered to them that, in turn, will connect to surface switches on a control panel.  It seems a good way of testing first and also limiting the amount of wires under the board itself.  I've already identified a point that was giving a short - forgot to remove the tiny wires under the electrofrog that connect the blades and frog!  If you look carefully at the picture you'll see these screws.




This is a pic of the layout on its side on my workbench.  I've tried to nail that fan shape that's typical of Barrow Hill.  Hope I've succeeded - only time will tell!




Another pic of the track plan.


That's all for now - testing during the week!!


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