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Blog- N-Gauge LMS Layout - Backscene - the first fitting

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Well the backscene boards have been primed and have had their first coat of primer followed by a coat of grey which I will billed up slowly to get that rainy day/overcast northwest look we are all familiar with here up north,


As I build the colours ou on the backscene the pallet will be a range of greys. and maybe a few muted purples/greens for the distant hills. The next stage is the creation of the stencil I will use to crate the impression of numerous terrace and factory roofs leading of into the distance. Below a few views of the progress so far, it does not show so well in the photos but there is a difference between the sky and the rough outline of this distant hills.







This means that I now have no excuse but to concentrate on the details that the buildings are crying out for, and since I have moved the layout slightly from under the boiler I can now also work on my stepped terraces at last,










I have got one worry though, as Christmas approaches I am getting pressure from the domestic Overlord to spruce up the house, but my excuse has been that emulsion paint and me don't get on (I can walk past a famous chain if DIY store and get covered in paint). God know what will happen when they discover the backscene is emulsion based???


Well until the next time Happy Modelling :)


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