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Invicta Model Rail to release Weedkilling Tanks in January

Andy Y

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NEWS RELEASE: Invicta Model Rail to release Weedkilling Tanks in January

Invicta Model Rail, Sidcup, Kent, is pleased to announce our latest Exclusive Limited Edition produced by Bachmann Europe PLC.     

Arriving in January 2014 will be-

37-576T Fisons Weedkiling Water Tank Wagons. Limited Edition of 504, £43.99





Track needs to be kept free from weeds, and the Fisons Weedkilling train was one of the trains that would regularly tour the network. The water tanks would carry the water needed to spray the herbicide onto the track, being linked together by pipes, then the spraying would be controlled from the mixing and control coaches. The set will consist of tanks 56963 & 56965 which were built by Chas Roberts, and 56964 which was a Powell Duffryn product. All three were built in the 1960’s as oil tanks. We are expecting delivery during the first weeks of January 2014, but we would still advise pre ordering of thes items to avoid disappointment.

Invicta Model Rail will also be commissioning a pair of the least heavily modified Mark 1 coaches to go with these items during 2014. More details will be announced soon.


Pre Orders Being Taken By Calling On 0208 302 7774

On Line at www.invictamodelrail.com

or visit us in store at 130 Station Road, Sidcup, Kent, DA15 7AB



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I had an e-mail yesterday to say that they were now in stock, so mine are now in the post.


While I was paying for them I was also asked if I was interested in the forthcoming coach pack that would be accompanying them, so I now have those on pre-order as well.

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