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This I've put up before on another thread but I thought that it might be worthy of its own thread with nothing to distract from it !


Anyway, it shows how Wills 2mm thick ungiving coarse stone sheets can be made to bent around angles. which is demonstrated here on an octagonal tower.





For ease and clarity, all marking and cutting out is best carried out on the back of the sheet.


Here a sheet has been marked out and scored heavily with a small file down the fold lines and about three quarters of the way through - the rectangles represent the arrow slits in the tower which are cut, reversed and glued back in their original openings.




In this case the sheets were only wide enough to cover three faces of the tower without a join.The sections ARE glued around the tower either with high viscosity superglue or evostick impact - I always use the former whether it be plastic or card I'm working with.




Whith all faces of the tower covered the stonework is treated in exactly the same way as that described in the "Colouring Wills Stone Sheets step-by step " thread.


In that thread it was demonstrated on just a single sheet of the material whereas here the colouring is carried out with all the stone sheets in situ.




Wall beading.


This was located between floors and was cut out of 2/3mm styrene - heavy going, so use a heavy tool like a Stanley knife , a scapel will just fold and snap  - then coloured as shown which was to hold each section down on double sided tape, brush over quite liberally with Colron Georgian Oak, as used on the walls, then stipple with a stiff brush.




And the finished job with other samples of stonework all treated as above.







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