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I've never had had an electric train layout, so I'm fulfilling a childhood dream.


At the moment I only have the space for something very small, an extended diorama or even a bookshelf layout.


Hopefully sometime in the future I'll be able to have something larger, with that in mind I intend to start with a Hornby DCC trainset set and see how I get on.


In the small space I have that should be sufficient to run an train up and down and provide a basis upon which I can learn some skills and

determine the limatations, technical, budgetary, and personal within which I shall have to work on an ongoing basis.


I already know that its unlikely I'll ever be living in property where I can accomodate more than 20 or 30 sq feet.


So even in an ideal world I cant expect to end up with something bigger than a double bed or a 10ft shelf layout 3ft wide.


Although thats still very modest it seems 'large' to what I can do just know.


So this blog is intended to record my progress.


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