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GNoSR coaching stock - mid 50s

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Evening all,


I'm continuing some research into a small layout based on a fictional 'coast line' between Aberdeen-Cruden Bay-Peterhead around 1954-55. I'm pretty au fait with the locomotives that operated the tangle of lines in that area at the time, but the coaching stock is proving more of a mystery.


Photographs from the late 40s seem to suggest a prominence of Gresley/Thompson non-corridor/corridor stock, whilst anything from the late 50s onwards starts to lean towards Stanier corridor stock.


Does anyone know when this transition took place? With Bachmann's 'porthole' stock on the way, I'm keen to know whether I need to invest.



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The transition did take place in 1954/55 I don't know whether it was sudden or gradual - suspect gradual and porthole stock was used but I don't know the dates!


Strongly suggest <g> you join the GNSRA: they will be able to tell you!

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