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After I decided to place Northall as postcode borough W16 in Greater London. I wanted to use also a personalized street name sign, approved by the Northall Council.


I found a good article on internet how street name signs have to be used and designed.


The most important design advices I have copied below:


“Street nameplates shall be of uniform design throughout the Administrative County of London and shall be constructed as follows:

(i) Of durable, non-absorbent material.

(ii) The name shall be in black letters, not less than 4 inches and not more than 5 inches in height, on a white background.

The appropriate postal district shall be indicated in the nameplate in signal red.

The name of the local authority may be included in the nameplate at the discretion of that authority and, if included, shall also be in signal red and shall be in upper and lower case letters, the upper case letters being not more than half the height of the letters of the street name.

Supplementary lettering (such as “leading to…”), less than 4 inches in height, may be included in the nameplate.

Each local authority may adopt its own individual style for lettering, provided a clear and legible style of good design is used.


The margin between the lettering of the street name and the edge of the nameplate shall be not less than half the height of the street name letters.

Reasonable abbreviations may be used at the discretion of the local authority, e.g., “Rd” and “Gdns”.


Issued by the Greater London Council and is a reprint of publication No.3781 (1952) of the London County Council “


In the same article were the sizes mentioned for the design of the signs.


I used this picture as a reference.



My next diorama, as I mentioned in my entree last week,  will be Station Road. Here you can see the result for Station Road designed as a Northall street name sign.



The font used is Albertus Medium. This font was mentioned as the most useable font to create a London street name sign.


The Northall Council decided that also some streets around Northall Dock should get some new street names and street name signs:

Anchor Street is now Dock Road and

Canal Street is now Canal Alley.


(there is still to do some work on the street, the bollard needs some painting and the building some weathering and small repairing)


There is also a nice website where you can create more modern London street name signs: http://www.myfunstudio.com/designs/lss/?source=mfs.


Hope this is useful for others.





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