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Produing a Pullman train

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I am wondering if any modellers have ideas about converting Triang/Hornby Pullman coaches into a train?

They look short to me, and I'm thinking of cutting them and joining two together tro make a single coach.

Pullman coaches seemed to be longer than other coaches in my train spotting days over 50 years ago. However, my memory may be faulty.

I have seen articles about splicing Hornby clerestory coaches together, and if something similiar could be done with pullmans, it would be a reasonable way to produce a complete train as the original Triang/Hornby pullman coaches can be found quite cheaply.

Shoot me down in flames if it's a crazy idea.

Thane of Fife

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Well worth looking into. The first thing is to find the length of the original coach the Hornby one represents and then compare it with the Hornby one, at first glance the original pullman's seem to have 7 main windows but the Hornby coaches that matches this body style looks like it was built with just six so it could be a case for cut and shut and adding a section. As I said worth taking further. Do the research at the end of the day that bit cost nothing and I always find that part fun as well


ps. check the bogies out, did pullmans have 4 or 6 wheel bogies and what do the Hornby ones have. For example the old Triang/Hornby Caledonian coach is just the right length for the 65 ft coach but is only on a 4 wheel bogie where as the original was on a 6 wheel one

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