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Blog- Up the Line - 1918 - More Poster Inspiration

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Still on a bit of a go slow on the building but how about this for some inspiration ;




There isn't a huge amount of information about it but it is pre WW1 Paris. The colours are far too bright to be one of the early autochrome colour pics so guess it must be hand tinted so colour accuracy can't be guaranteed  but all I can say is that if one of my buildings were to turn out looking like that I would not be at all displeased!


I found this while trying to find a copy of the Fer-Kina add (and am quite sure it how it is spelt), but so far have failed to find a high enough resolution pic to copy. Thanks for all the relies about this particular beverage and particularly on the derivation that it could have been a Quinine Absinthe mix - now that sounds like a potent mix! I can only conclude however, that as this particular drink seems to have disappeared pretty quickly it must have tasted pretty horrible!


I did have a little play with the positioning of the buildings today and did come to the conclusion that doing too much to the end wall of this one will be slightly wasted as it will hardly be seen. This hasn't stopped me before however and I do think that bit of a teaser of something you can't quite see does add an extra element. In short, I am not giving up on further development on this building but need to be mindful of my deadline and really am itching to get on with something a bit bigger to go next door.


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