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37715 in Construction livery


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Hi Dave,


This loco had petroleum 'F's' on both sides in August 1993 but by Feb/march 1994 it had one side with petroleum logos and the other in aggregates (as in the photo). If you look at the photo the repeater has had the yellow waves removed leaving a blue block. This is quite late as by April 1994 the sectors no longer existed they where the pre privatization companies which evolved into Mainline, Loadhaul and Transrail.

I think it ran around with a petroleum on one side and aggregates on the other before getting mainline.

I know this isn't a definitive answer but does put a timeline to the livery.





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You can find the history of 37715 on page 3 of the excellent Class 37 Group website - http://www.c37lg.co.uk/fleet.aspx?strnumber=37715


09-02-91 37715 in Trainload Metals sts at a snowy Cardiff Canton on 9th February 1991 - http://www.flickr.com/photos/76980375@N02/10906255255


12-06-91 - 37715 was transferred to Thornaby - Allocated to FMTY - Railfreight (Steel) Thornaby Locos, and named British Steel Teesside 02-01-93, however a photo of 37715 shows it with the British Steel Teesside nameplates in situ at Darlington, while under Thornaby Metals sector control on 2nd September 1992 - http://www.flickr.com/photos/queenfanjohn/6750646455


21-02-93 - 37715 was transferred to Immingham - Allocated to FPYI - Trainload Petroleum - Immingham Locos (restricted Use)

11-04-93 - 37715 was allocated to FCPA - Trainload Freight - Immingham Class 37 (Outbased at Ayr)

16-06-93 - 37715 was allocated to FPCI - Trainload Petroleum - Immingham locos

01-08-93 - 37715 nameplates British Steel Teeside were removed


This photo of 37715 at Sowerby Bridge is dated August 1993, yet it appears that 37715 is in petroleum livery with "British Petroleum" nameplates and crest - http://www.flickr.com/photos/48974457@N07/7961445362


01-09-93 - 37715 was named British Petroleum prior to Worksop Open Day, 37715 was photographed at Worksop Open Day on 5th September 1993 - http://www.flickr.com/photos/68751857@N05/6754982679


09-10-93 - 37715 at Holyhead on a longer than usual empty tank train to Stanlow on 9th October 1993 - http://www.flickr.com/photos/33845023@N07/8016094539


23-01-94 - 37715 was transferred to Stewarts Lane - Allocated to FARM - Trainload Construction - Stewarts Lane Class 37


18-04-94 - 37715 negotiates the pointwork across to the Great Western Mainline from Foxhall Jct with the empty Avon Binliner on 18th April 1994 - http://www.flickr.com/photos/33660274@N06/5631817077


20-03-94 - 37715 was allocated to ESBB - Trainload Freight South - Stewarts Lane Class 37/7 fleet


31-03-95 - 37715 "British Petroleum" at West Drayton on 31st March 1995 - http://www.flickr.com/photos/74802869@N03/6928484346


30-04-95 - 37715 "British Petroleum" is seen stabled at Stewarts Lane. It is carrying Railfreight Petroleum colours.


17-03-96 - 37715 was allocated to EWDB - Mainline - Stewarts Lane Class 33/37 (Infrastructure) fleet

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