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Competition over and so back to work on the layout. Here are the buildings stripped back off the model and back in place on the layout. I spent far too many hours doing work on the wiring following the module test, Some of this is now completed but I had the board on its side to do so have all the vehicles and stock off the layout at the moment, makes it seem very barren. Now having a couple of niggles with some points so no stock back until that's sorted.



My plan did work and I was able to successfully remove the models base from the shelf very cleanly and install straight onto the layout. The Tacky Wax worked very well on keeping the models attached whist taking the cement yard by itself to the competition and back so very pleased, Will use this later on to attach all the vehicles and people (hopefully a Xmas present) so they can be moved from time to time. The wax does leave a residue but this can be cleaned, at least after a few days.


Not sure I managed to get photo's of the cement works as it went to the competition, some were taken so will see if I can get a couple for later posting. The Cement yard is now back on the layout in its final position, not yet stuck down as there is some tweaking and modifying of the area where the new base covers the old. I've inserted some card and infilled with putty to smooth off but this needs spraying now before the final building attachment. The hedge line along the front of the yard needs extending back towards the camera and the hopper discharge control building needs sticking down and the gaps closed once that bit is sprayed.




This picture gives a good view of the frontage and the fence, pleased with the way this looks now, The airbrushing on the gantry may be a bit more than the prototype but I think it looks better. Although the prototype looks white from the ground I think it will/should be dirtier looking down and I think the effect looks good.




In the next picture You can see the work needed on the concrete apron where the model base joined the layout base. Can also see some of the signs and the changes I made to the platform shape to better fill the space and deal with the foreshortening of the site. At the front you can see a new foam former for a sandpile just to the right of the weighbridge. Still need to get rid of the screw in the backscene. Still not sure on if it will be a sign or part of a container or both.




I'm quite pleased with how the signage has come out and have attached some pics of the buildings below. For the majority of the signs I used photo paper with compressed images using Powerpoint to manage and get the right size. Bit of trial and error but the effect looks good. The signs and images came from the Internet and its pretty easy to find, copy and paste to use. Used a lot of conventional signs for health and safety and parking etc. Lots more of these to do over the next few weeks. Used Crafty Computer paper for the Cemex signs on the towers, Again followed the instructions and very pleased withe the results











Next post over the xmas period still lots of work to do on this and it will be a year since I started work on the layout.  Seems to have been quite slow at times but I feel i'm making reasonable progress. Now have to get on with the next conveyor for the aggregates building but feeling more confident now having built the first one


Happy Xmas everyone  G


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