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Hornby 125's


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Hi all , 

i gather Hornby are having issues in getting the new products to england. I have had the new class 43 hst on order since September this year. Hattons says it was going to be with them from 16th December and i have heard nothing. Hattons say it is on the way but can not guarantee a date for dispatch. The model no is R3138. Is anyone else waiting for this model as it is a westcountry 125 in br blue ??? Has anyone heard anything. I believe this item has been put back several times over the last 6 months. Also there does not seem to be any other products coming in. May be they are stuck in a container in a port somewhere ???? any ideas or news ???


Paul R in Yeovil

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It looks like Hornby are having real difficulty with this train.

This 125 was listed for release in december 2011 for 2012. Please Hornby

just annouce properly that this item will not be available

Except that they still intend to make it and I'm happy to buy one when it finally appears!

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