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Greetings all


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Hello all.


Although I have been online for several days now and have posted a few questions I thought I might post a bit about my layouts.


I currently have 3 layouts: Wharf-Draughtston (OO gauge); Cullom(OO + OO9 gauge) and Goodwich(OO gauge). Although they are fictional places I like to make them as realistic as possible. 


Wharf-Draughtston was my first layout and is mainly just a souped up and detailed train set. It is an oval which I use often just for testing out new or modified rolling stock. It includes a turntable + roundhouse shed and two coal chutes.


Cullom is my exhibition layout but has only been exhibited a rare number of times as recently it went under a major overhaul including the rebuild of one of the three baseboards. It depicts a rural area, almost moorlandish but with clear sign of industry taking over as a large factory + good/coal yard dominates the far right area. It includes two gauges; 009 + 00. The two gauges share a station. The rolling stock for the narrow gauge includes shortened and re-gauged 3mm coaches, L&B vans and a RT models steam loco kit 'Harrogate' in berry red on a Farish mechanism. 


Goodwich is a layout built mainly to run long trains. The three platform station can take up to a 5 coach train and includes a cattle dock, river, stream/pond, road, farm and a tunnel. Although this sounds a lots all the features are fitted neatly together and the whole scene just 'flows'. It to, like Cullom, depicts a rural scene but this time left a little untouched man made structures.


I am now currently planning a fourth layout (although I fear one may have to go in order to allow for space) of a dockide area for standard gauge and a little narrow gauge perhaps.


I hope this is of some interest. 


Regards, J.

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