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first time permanent layout


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Hi all


Im looking for advice and suggestions for a first time layout. After tidying my bedroom after moving back in with my parents I found a lot of lovely equipment and want to get to use it.


Im looking to build and model no specific era, however my main interest is diesel and electric locomotives, to show them off and to have them moving randomly around the layout. as well as moving around some wagons that I have (not looking for a shunting puzzle though)
im old fashioned so I will be using DC control. im a novice but im evening thinking about putting in point motors!!

I also would enjoy to have a small station, as Im planning to get myself a DMU/EMU and it would be lovely to have a reason to show off - perhaps  some kind of SLT with sidings I was therefore thinking of??

Could any of you fine people suggest some plans? I made a quick sketch (after reading the exceptional "build a layout in 9 days thread" ) of a track plan, however im worried as Dave said there was not a lot of operating potential. although I realise im not going to sit there all day and play with it it would be nice to have possibilities!



And finally, my working space? maximum 6ft x 18 inches


Thanks all in advance! Happy new year!!


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What about something like this?  It's inspired by an earlier thread and has a rotating sector plate come cassette for the fiddle yard.  It has a station and some type of goods facility so you can have loco hauled traffic and your DMU/EMU's




This is 5ft long so you have some space to play with

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