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bamfurlong tmd in a double apa box


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Any chance of a little bit more info - for example is thatyellow stuff foam to raise the level of the baseboard so that it crosses between the two boxes? Also I'm not sure how useful that point is going to be starting at the rh end of the layout? And ... how did you join the two boxed? Oh and any chance of slightly wider pics they are a little small for my eyes.


roundy-roundy in 2 APA boxes - not quite :D

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i was asked how i joined the two boxes together so here's some photo's


away for storage


lids off



front panels slide out


supervisor watching




coach bolts thro top bar


coach bolts thro bottom bar plus no bottom on box so can get to wiring when done

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well been ikea shopping and got two more APA boxes and been having abit of a fiddle about


both built up


giong to have second box set as fiddle yard


got to make one more curved end so it will go all the way round


some residents having look at thier new home


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Roundy roundy using APA boxes... interesting concept.


I do like the APA boxes myself but struggle to get something worthwhile that I want in the space of one - although many people seem to be going for multiple boxes these days.

hi yes its all about space these stack up in the bedroom out the way it takes about five minute to asemble

thanks ian

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