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Kitmaster Pug


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I won this kit bashed Kitmaster Pug off Ebay, I paid what I thought in the end the correct price as I took a bit of a gamble on it with my bid. The photos of the sides and chassis were not very good, but the end view was too tempting.


The chassis is a home made sheet brass one, with a Keyser Mk 1 or 2 motor. Built to EM gauge, both wheel sets in slots (crude compensation) but works, a motor mount has been made to fit the motor end and axle. The varnish finish has gone a bit white in places, so a bit of a repaint may be in order


The motor is a bit tired, I do have a spare so that's an option, also if I want to spend a bit of time then I could carve off the plastic hand rails and smoke box darts and replace them with brass ones. I think the pistons and connecting rods have been removed owing to clearances to the front coupling rod screw

Still quite happy with it and a bit different from the norm, may even paint it blue!!

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Bit of a miss, John. The Kitmaster Pug is the L&Y version, the one you've shown in the photos is the Caledonian Railway version, and is no where near the same.








Certainly not a "miss" as he knows it is "kit-bashed" and is thinking of painting it blue.


I don't know my Caley locos well enough to say how accurate it is but it looks like a reasonable effort. Nice enough and not a model one sees often.


PS: Having gone through all the photos, I guess the shape of the saddle tank is rather different and the Caley has less cab side cut out that the Lanky. I still think it's a nice little kitbash which others could do given the low cost of an Airfix/Dapol kit. The cabside would be easily changed but the tank (quite a complex shape on the Caley) is another matter.

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Thanks both of you for your comments, I don't have any idea if either the Caley or L&Y pugs are related or just share the same name. As I said it is a kit bashed Kitmaster/Airfix loco kit on a scratch built EM chassis and as can be seen is in CR black livery. From what I can see its not an exact copy, but the conversion is very well done except for the cylinders


I think I have seen CR pugs in photos with dum buffers and L&Y ones with sprung buffers. It cost me £31 plus postage so I think that's about the correct price for a second hand loco like this. As I said I took a punt as the photos were not very good and the description very vague.


When bidding on hunches you have to expect the odd hiccup, thankfully I think I have come out about even. However to date I am so much in pocket with others the odd loss will still keep me well ahead.


On the other hand it might tempt the odd person to go out by a kit and try and have a go at their own conversion 

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Here's my motorised Airfix pug;




It's 00 and I used thin frames, spaced as wide as I could, so that an ECM type 1 motor could sit low down and forward, leaving the cab interior clear.


There's no link with the Caley pugs, other than both being short wheelbase 0-4-0STs and I believe that they both received the nickname 'pug' after the small, tough, dog of the same name. I've never seen photos of the L&Y pugs with anything other than dumb buffers but I cannot say that none were fitted with conventional sprung buffers.

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