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Blog- N-Gauge LMS Layout - Using the Vacuum (Not Hoovering Up)

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The other day in work in one of those busy moments I managed to staple my finger, which led me to think about a couple of thoughts


1 What sort of an idiot staples his finger (and how much blood do you lose from a serious injury like this)

2 I'm sure there is more that one use for a staple.....


In much the same way I cannot resist destroying paperclips by straightening them, then when needed wondering where they have all gone, I started to bend a staples into various shapes, and then I realised "Vacuum pipes"   :)


Keeping this earth shattering discovery to myself (I don't want the chaps at work thinking I'm strange) I told nobody until I got home, and investigated further. In order to get some peace and quiet from the Domestic Overlord I said that I was going upstairs to do some "vacuuming" this was followed by a thud as he passed out I think with shock.


Anyway as you know I model in N gage and the beauty of this scale is sometimes you can get away with something just vaguely looking right and I think this is one of those things?



With a little bending a vacuum pipe shape can be sort of achieve, this I found can be improved further by taking a single stand of wire, and wrapping this round the staple to give an impression of the hose?



Its a little fiddly but I managed to make a few which I was rather pleased with, and fitted a couple one of my Jinty's, and one to my latest E-bay acquisition (yest another compound).


I will try and post pictures of these fitted, once I have managed to get a clear shot with my camera as at the moment this is a struggle.


I guess I better go now and see if the other half has recovered from the effect of shock yet, it's been very quiet perhaps the effects are serious, oh well until next time happy modelling :)


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