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Blog- 4mm scale agonies - A Workers platform

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So, quite unsurprisingly after the previous post I disappeared into the basement and into the model railway room to work on the layout The idea of a workman's halt really appealed to me so I set to on the project. Mostly it was a "make it up as you go along" project using embossed styrene sheets I had to hand. The working out and building of the structure grabbed my attention so much that other than a trip up to the kitchen for a cuppa (which actually was two trips as the first time I switched the kettle on and went back down to work forgetting about my brew and made a second trip an hour later) I stayed working on the project until it was done. Five hours later.

Enough talk. What does it look like?

Like I said it was a make it up project. It was built mainly on memories of timber platformed halts on the Cambrian coast line and other old pictures lodged in my memory. Despite that I think it looks quite convincing and once painted, and with some extra details will really fit in quite well I think.


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