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Blog- Modelling the cheddar valley in P4 - Dean d14 part 2

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Construction has now started,


First up I removed all the main parts from the spur and removed the excessive amount of flash present on some parts.  Once cleaned up the holes were drilled for all the fittings


I departed from the instructions and started with one side and end before adding the floor.  This was then followed by the other end and finally the other side.

Once complete I added the lookout on one side and a repair panel with no beading on the other (one side of the other lookout was damaged). While I have now exact photo to work from (I don't have the Harris coach book yet), I am working from photos of clestories in the Russell books and following typical modifications


Next to be fitted were the internal partition walls, the fit in the slots needed a bit of fettling, but once glued and set with an engineers square


Before adding the solbar and the interior details I decided to test fit the roof, this was the worst part in terms if warping, and as can be seen in the photos it's not good.  My hope is that adding the clestory will straighten it out as my original plan for two strips of 1mm by 6mm brass will not work with the compartment walls.


If this does not work the alternative is to glue the roof on, requiring the inside and body to be painted first...


Today I intend to fit the solbar and interior, and depending on time maybe start painting the insides of the coach.

Would be so much easier if butanol / enamel paints were more inert as I've got plenty of time sat with baby sleeping  (I know I could use acrylics but I am not keen on the coverage), but don't want any nasty chemicals anywhere near her


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