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Why is nothing simple? :banghead:


Further test samples viewed in various types of light revealed some issues. In particular, the use of a grey primer undercoat produced a bluer cast than a white base, despite applying two top coats. As noted in the last post, I'm keen to achieve a close match across my rake of 4 coaches, so can we do better?


A few more shades were obtained (this is becoming expensive) and more trials carried out. To cut to the chase, better colour matches to my two Bachmann Mk1 coaches of recent (Autumn 2013) purchase are:

  • Rail blue - 50-50 mix of 70.965 Prussian Blue and 70.966 Turquoise (this mix can be tweaked; 60/40 looks marginally better in daylight)
  • Rail grey - 70.883 Silver Grey
Following Niles' kind suggestion, I also tried Citadel's 'Stegadon Scale Green' - Zak in the GW shop was most helpful, ferreting out an open bottle to inspect near the window. A test sample looks a greeny-grey with a hint of blue - in fact it's a really close match to my older Bachmann Mk2 coaches!


For reference, the various 'official' shades of BR rail blue and grey are shown below, together with RGB swatches. As noted, they differ from my actual colour-matching results.




Maybe this research will help someone else - if so, please would you leave a comment? :thankyou:


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