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Austin A40 BR Van


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Hi all


I just purchased a Corgi model of a Austin A40 van in BR Maroon, it has the markings 51M S on the door, does this tell us anything about the van or where it was allocated, also it doesn't have a reg on.




The Corgi van dates back a long time, I think I bought one about 25 years ago. From the days when there was less information out there, Corgi based it on guess work, giving it a fleet number in the Southern Region series. The maroon livery is a little known temporary scheme used during 1948/9 until the crimson and cream livery was introduced.

The only details I have of these vans was photos of one LMR, one Scottish and one preserved one with SR numbering. All are red/cream. If you would like details for a repaint, send me a PM.


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