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Blog- Up the Line - 1918 - Digging Dirt and Mud Slinging!

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No, I haven't turned into a News of the World reporter but have been putting down the ground cover. Firstly, I prepared some puddles by planting some microscope slides with bottom painted brown into the surface and then went to work with a mixture of plaster, PVA and paint. This was slopped around then attacked with my multi purpose coffee stirrers to make wheel tracks, hoof prints and the like. Once dry my trusty dried and sieved garden soil was sprinkled on and then Astonish floor polish dropped on with a pipette. This stuff seems to flow far better than dilute PVA  even with the legendary drop of Fairey and doesn't clump the soil. Once this is set I will probably go over it with some PVA to make absolutely sure and as base for some weeds. Some of the pictures were taken during the process so the wet areas are much darker (and have a blueish tinge), but this will all go when dry.




Now, just to prove that you can find anything on the Internet, I just searched for 'horse dung' and got far more pictures than you could ever need. And no, I am not starting another fetish but think that some of this lying around will add an extra little something. Only problem is there are no dimensions but I think I can improvise!


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