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Today I finish working on the first two base boards for another fellows project.  The rest of the boards (there are another six scenic boards) will be a mixture of flat top and open framed.


The two light and flat surfaces were immediately pressed into service as a photographic booth for some S Scale SAR Locomotives making their way home via Exeter after the St Albans exhibition.  It had been intended to do this outside on a day with nice gentle winter light... but such days never seem to arrive.  If you look at this Barry, I hope you enjoy seeing your craftsmanship.


I also managed to get the steps I cut out several days ago soldered up and fixed to the Road Van.  It was looking even more naked around the wheels along side the coaches with their steps in place.


Catching up on all the bits of unfinished work is well worth doing but it does seems to take an age.  When I am back from making my grandson's layout and the trip to Utrecht I will have to get (re)started on the Country Boards so they are as complete as possible for the Exeter exhibition in May/June.  ... and get some more stock closer to being finished.


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