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Forming Flares on Chimneys and Domes - How To?

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Can I have some help please, I have managed to get stuck!


I am trying to form some CADwork to form the basis for some 3D printing of a dome and a chimney but I can not manage to form the flares at the point that chimney/dome meets the boiler.


I have managed to form a flare, but only one that is consistant around the whole union between the cylinder that forms the boiler and the cylinder that forms the dome.  At the top of the boiler, this junction is at 90 degrees but as you revolve around the dome, this moves out to around 120 degrees.  It is getting the flare to open up by degrees that I am having difficulty with.  Is it best to look at skinning?


I am working on ViaCAD, but do have access to several other CAD programmes via work.






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