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If you're new to the forum this is an ideal place to introduce yourself.

I've started....so I'll finish!


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After lurking for a while and reading a lot of the excellent info on this forum I've started my first project!


4' x 2' Baseboard (maybe the first of 2) is complete. Straightforward construction 18 x 44mm PSE and 9mm Ply, housing joints screwed and glued.


Once the glue has set I am going to remove the screws that hold the "infield" of the board to the battens and fill flush so I don't clash with any track pins.


Layout will be VERY loosely based on Hope Station, Earles Sidings and Hope Works in the Peak District, about 12 miles from where I live so handy for reference trips!


I took my inspiration from a visit to Doncaster last weekend and particularly from Phil Parkers' Edgeworth layout. If he got fed up of my incessant questions he didn't show it and was very helpful.


Mine will have a very similar track plan to start with to keep it simple, maybe adding a couple additional sidings as time progresses.


If I build the second board then this would make the layout long enough to get a fiddle in at the West end and also the "back loop" of the sidings, potentially the branch up to Hope Works.


Rail is going to be Peco Flextrack Code 75 as I prefer its' look. By necessity all points will be electrofrog.


Rolling stock will be DCC from the start, probably Bachmann and at least 1 Freightliner Class 66, a Northern 158 DMU and a shunter for the branch to the Cement Works, although this will be off scene for now.


I was going to go for a Class 08 shunter and make this my first loco as I guess its short wheelbase will highlight any frailties in my Track Bus / Point wiring! Is there a closer match for the shunter that runs down from Hope Works?


Points will be powered by, I think, Seep PM-1 motors because of the inbuilt switch for the frogs.


I propose to use the Tawcrafts point controller as it looks very straightofrward and cost effective.


Any hints and tips gratefully received!



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Hello fisherpl and welcome,


I'm not too far from Earls Sidings. (East Manchester), and have also thought that a layout based on them would be interesting.

But 4 by 2, (followed by another 4 by 2), does seem rather pushing it.

Although I may have miss-interpreted your opening post.

Any chance of you posting a track plan? (Although you would be better posting it again in "Layout and Track Design".)


Also, look in the topic area "Electrics (non-DCC)" for info about point motors and all electrics associated with them.




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Will now be two 4' x 2' boards!


After a bit of research and as a bit of "inspiration" I've ordered a Bachmann Class 20 "Sir George Earle" Shunter from Invicta. It will sit on a shelf and look pretty for now!


Initially, this will be fitted with a basic 4 function decoder but I'd like to install sound and also lights as this appears to be one of the few Bachmann models without them.


Either I get brave and do this myself or, as I live in Sheffield, a visit to Olivia's Trains could be in order!


DCC control choice is down to Dynamis or NCE Powercab and I'm leaning towards the NCE option. The Dynamis looks versatile but you need to scroll through a lot of menus, The NCE being wired on an 8' out and back layout shouldn't be too much of an inconvenience!



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