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N Scale Vehicles

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Because of the question in the GA&E topic, I decided I'd take some photos of some of the vehicles and vehicle kits I have.


Starting with the buses:


We have an Athearn Flxble Clipper, one- and two-door versions of the Wheels of Time Transit Motor Coach, a Classic Metal Works (CMW) GMC Transit Bus, a Wiking Mercedes (good stand in for a modern city bus), a (I think) Road Apples (RA) resin bus (note that it has no door! that is unfair - it has a vague suggestion of a door), and an Arnold Rapido Mercedes bus.


Now some pickups and delivery vans:


Front row: CMW '54 Ford F350, a '51 Ford of unknown ancestry (and dimensionally challenged), RA Ford? stake truck

Second row: GHQ '50 Ford F-1, Detail Associates Ford Model flatbed, RA '72 GMC pickup

Third row: CMW Chevy? pickup, Detail Associates Ford Model A pickup

Fourth row: CinC '55 Ford F100 pickup, Micro Engineering/Wheel Works Ford pickup (Model A?), RA '72 GMC camper

Fifth row: Gloor Craft '65 Chevy Step Van, CMW delivery van, GHQ Ford 350 dump truck

Back row: Showcase Miniatures '50s Divco, Busch Sprinter


Another view:



Note that the black RA castings came as a job lot with no wheels, so in some cases I am guessing as to model (and possibly even manufacturer).


More to come.



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Here are most of the types of car/light truck that I have, first the raw pic, then with manufacturers indicated.



The ones to the left are mostly Bachmann, the others are a mix from various smaller sources. The Kato is a 1/150 Crown, but it makes a nice generic late '70s/early '80s sedan.




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