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If you're new to the forum this is an ideal place to introduce yourself.



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Hello everyone from a sunny but very chilly Kilmarnock.  I'm Ross, not exactly new to these forums, have been on as a guest a few times in the past however decided as I'm visiting more & more it was time to register.

I am currently building my first proper layout in the loft, based on nowhere in particular however is in Scotland.  I have decided it will be 2000-2010 era so mostly modern(ish) stock running.  Currently its DC but planning on converting to DCC when the bank balance says I can  :scratchhead:.Still at a very early stage i.e. tracks are down & only half of the points have the motors fitted & wired up.


I have also took the plunge and decided to respray one of my locos from Intercity livery into DRS compass, also adding running lights & detailing kit as I go.


Away from my layout i have also taken up photography, mostly railway related however slowly branching out & taking random shots.  Find my Flickr page HERE if you would like to have a look.





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Hello Ross and welcome,


Visiting the Forums "more and more" is exactly how I joined!

Just be careful that they don't take up (away) too much of your modelling time!   :)





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