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Blog- Box in a box - Whats on the Box? A new track panel...

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Blimey, nearly a year since the last entry...  However, the house refurbishment is finished (I'm writing this in the new study), I have a new (part-time) job and opened up a new enterprise - model-making (surprise surprise) (check out the FB page - https://www.facebook.com/PerfectionInMiniature )

). Personal modelmaking has been somewhat limited, but it's time to get back to it.  But what - there's so much unfinished business!  So I'm starting at the smaller end - back to 2mm (this week, anyway)..


The 'quarry siding' on Box has (had) a nasty little kink -




nothing ACTUALLY derailed running through it - but the potential was there, and visually it wasn't good.  Its replacement would also determine the feasability of track modification bearing in mind the construction methods originally used (the 'baseboard' is actually 'foamboard, and the trackbase is 'depron foam')...  first step, cut through the rails etc:-




(the new 'Dremel Tool' is a little marvel) (and tax-deductible!) The foam trackbed was then removed using a table-knife and, lo & behold, the 'baseboard' was undamaged...




The original track was pcb sleepered, but I had some 'Easi-track' bases handy so decided to experiment with them.  I must say it was a lot quicker   :good:  to build the replacement by this method (But more expensive... :sclerosis: !)




To save soldering to the adjoining lengths, droppers were attached at one end.


A new section of trackbase was cut from 2mm 'Depron', 'ballast shoulder' formed, and laid in two halves (the old track centre marks still being visible)




and, like the original, painted with Dulux 'Mud Hut'.  A little pot goes a long, long way - in 2mm!




Finally the new track panel was inserted with care to line up the rail-ends and the whole section covered in fine budgie grit.  Job jobbed!



I'm tempted now to get on with one of the 2mm chassis (for a '57xx') but I think I'll wait until 'Box's next turn (in about three weeks.  However, there is a LOT of retaining wall to be made for the cutting.  6mm Depron I think, with each stone hand-carved.  Should keep me out of mischief this evening...




TTFN - and it's nice to be back!


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