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LNER running in boards


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G'day all,


I am trying to get a grip on LNER Running In Boards.


They seem to have changed several times depending on what predecessor railway signage was in place, until the very late 30s I think when they went to a sort of cream on green. Unfortunately I cannot find any information on the dimensions of the signs and the sizes of the lettering.  Was this all a matter of local taste and materials?





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I think the answer to that depends on the region and era modelled. 


The stations around Whitby retained many of their NER running in boards well into LNER days, although we have evidence that at least one was overpainted black with white lettering.




Was it Gill Sans that was the official LNER font or am I getting it confused?

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I rescued the letters off the station nameboard at Millfield station in Sunderland just before it was demolished in October 1975. I found the board - which was about 8 feet long - buried under a pile of earth, probably for the 20 years the station had been closed.

They are made of Spelter and about 10 inches tall, from memory.


Millfield Station Name par PinzaC55, on ipernity

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