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Hi and welcome to my Layout Thread


This is all about my layout, based in Greater Manchester on the busy WCML from 2002-Present Day.


The layout is currently only a small 6X4 ft in size but will slowly progress into several baseboards arranged around my loft to make a large permanent loft layout.


The layout currently has a double track main line along with double track relief lines, replicating the WCML. These lines serve Ammanford Junction after what the layout is named but the biggest station on the layout, Ammanford Central. With it's 4 platforms, 1 & 2 are on the down and up fasts and see a small amount of stopping services including semi fast Virgin West Coast Services and Arriva Cross Country as well as sister company's Arriva Trains Wales' Premier Service. Platforms 3 & 4 are on the relief lines and see constant commuter services stopping. These include mainly Northern Rail Services but also see London Midland, Arriva Trains Wales, First Transpenine Express East Midland Trains and a few others. As well as all the usual passenger services, infrastructure and freight trains will also be a common sight.


The Layout will also be home to a rural branch line which will cross the WCML and have a station nearby to the Ammanford Central Station and be known as Ammanford Park Station. This line will also house the third station without a name as yet but will have a very 'run-down' theme and be situated in a rural part of the layout next to a rail - accessible scrap yard.


Also on the WCML section, next to the station there will be small TMD. This will be mainly to house a Class 57 for Thunderbird duties. It will also be for Network Rail vehicles. It will have washing facilities, fuelling facilities and a main 2-road diesel shed. The TMD will be non-electrified, although running along side the main line.


I will hopefully be posting my progress on here but will be doing videos as a I build my layout on my Youtube Channel. http://www.youtube.c...VMDFwJKndm4v3TQ



Suggestions, Comments are all welcome and very much appreciated, Thanks Peter/WCML100 @ Ammanford Junction




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Here are a few of my loco's out at present:


First Up are our two new residents;


London Midland Class 350 (350101)

First North Western Class 150 (150144) Soon to have it's First North Western Logo's removed and 'Northern' Logo's applied.


View of the new EMU & DMU in Platforms 4 & 3



View of the 350 through the island canopies



& the same view of the 150




Now for some others on the layout….


DBS Class 67 (67018) Keith Heller in the siding with a Network Rail GUV



DBS Class 66 (66152) with an empty car transporter train running fast through Platform 1 and a Network Rail Windhoff MPV going about it's duties heading north through the up fast on Platform 2



The DBS Class 67 & London Midland 350



The DBS 67 again stabled in the siding



Arriva Trains Wales Class 150 (150256) leaving platform 4


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Looks Great ! I`m following with Interest !

Seems like you have a Nice Fleet there.

I take it your using Peco Track ?




Cheers for the nice comments regarding the fleet. I am trying to build it up as much as I can as well as setting the scene.


I am using Peco Code 75 track, find it has a slight edge on the code 100 regarding realism. Although it does derail loco's more often, i have few curves so not too much of a problem! when i come to build my fiddle yards, i will be using code 100 and old Hornby track I have (just to use it up) plus it is cheaper by a few pence in comparison to buying the code 100 yard length to the 75 yard length! Peco will certainly be seeing some custom from me when i come to buy them out of all their 75 to 100 conversion track bits!



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Thanks Peter


So for Realism you reccomend Code 75 but 100 is obviously Less derailments. I`m just wondering what to buy for an End to End TMD Layout with say 2 lane shed and 2 sidings for whatever. I don`t really mind about the concrete sleepers

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Thanks Peter


So for Realism you reccomend Code 75 but 100 is obviously Less derailments. I`m just wondering what to buy for an End to End TMD Layout with say 2 lane shed and 2 sidings for whatever. I don`t really mind about the concrete sleepers


Well 4 sidings in total shouldn't involve too many points! so go with code 75 it does visually make a difference (well to me anyways)!!!

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Hi everyone was just wondering if anyone can help?


I am wanting to repaint some virgin mk2 interiors and want exact photos to replicate the seating colours etc. 


Can anyone help me out with a few photos?


Thanks Peter

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Some More Images Of The layout now...


First up we have a Cotswold Rail Class 08 (08847) on an unusual working (not so unusual for a rolling stock works depot though!)



In tow is a Arriva Trains Wales class 150 car Numbered 52256 off for essential brake works. The rarely used headshunt is being used as it is a busy day down at the works.





Also in the Works Depot is DBS 67018 on a small rake of 3 Fuel tankers which are to fill up the fuelling point supplies.



Passing Ammanford Junction is a Charter special headed by the grimey Virgin Trains 57308 'Tin Tin' with ex Virgin MK2's along side a London Midland stopping service operated by a Class 350/1.



Also making it way through Ammanford is DBS Class 66 on Stobart Tesco Containers on Megafret flats. Just leaving Ammanford Central Station on the adjacent line is a class 150/1 in FNW livery.



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57308 Looks Beautiful !


Doesn't She! Custom FInish of a standard Bachmann 57 'Lady Penelope' ! Etched plates for 'TIN TIN' As well! - All for under £100 (although that was 2 years ago) one of my favourites though!

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