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New build (inglenook... Possibly)

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Hello everyone!


This is my first post so I'll try and not overdo it! Ha


I've just returned to trains from a long break! Used to be in to them a lot when I was a kid (26 now). I've decided to try an Inglenook type design. I'm not very good at designing and came with an idea that had a express line going across the top but didn't have space at the minute.


I've came up with another idea which is more like an inglenook (you'll have to mind my drawings!)


I've been thinking about ballast and I don't want anything too permanent as I'd maybe like to expand in the future. What do you think is best out of the foam stuff and the mat type layout?


My design is based around the coal industry, I'm not sure where yet. view recently moved to wigan and they had a very big coal industry. I would like it to be around the steam and diesel transition though! I've based the design on a 5' by 24" board. The extra inches around the sides allows me to be lot more dense with my scenery.


Thank you so much for reading my post and thank you for your replies too!



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Hi Tom, and welcome.


A few quick questions

  • What gauge are we talking about?
  • The track, is it going to be set track, fine scale, hand built?
  • And is the 2ft x 5ft including the fiddle yard, or is that extra
  • Will it have a permanent home, or will you need to set it up to use it?

Likewise, you may want to think about power (DC or DCC), before you invest in the points i.e. DCC works better with electrofrog points, especially if you will be using small locos at low speed.


Still, just a few things for you to think about. And I am sure every one here will kick point you in the right direction. I look forward to seeing this progress.


Kind regards



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Hello Tom,


Welcome to the forum.


IMHO, a true Inglenook only has 3 sidings (2 turn-outs)

and the headshunt, of course.

Otherwise, it's (just) a shunting puzzle.


An Inglenook doesn't need a fiddle-yard, whereas, a

shunting puzzle does (if you want).


Also, the definition of an Inglenook is the relationship

of siding length, ie 5-3-3, which is how many wagons

fit in each siding/headshunt.




P.S. all Inglenooks are shunting puzzles, not all

        shunting puzzles are Inglenooks.

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Hello all.


Thank you so much for your replies! You've given me more to think about. The track will be semi permanent. I will be on a board but the buildings will have to be able to be removed. It'll be on a board that is 2' x 5' so there's enough room for scenery, that's including the fiddle yard. I'd like an engine she's there too. It'll be set track. Unfortunately it's a mix of Hornby, mainline and Lime! (I know mix and match isn't good, especially at points but it's all I have to work with! Hah)


The gauge is 00. I did think of going it in N gauge but I had quite a bit of 00 from years a go so I decided to keep it at 00.


I've redesigned it and taken that top bit of track off so it's more like jcm@gwr mentioned so it's more true to an inglenook. I'd love to have a separate bit of track above it just to have my Flying Scotsman there looking like it's leaving a station or something. It won't be powered just for the display.


The engines I have at my disposal at the minute is a 0-6-0 Mainline engine. I've had it for years! I'm 26 and my great grandad handed it down to me so god knows how old it is and I think it's a weathered class 50 diesel. I have a intercity shunter at my mum and dads which needs a bit of work (it's seized at the minute) and I'd love one of those little Caledonian Blue engines.


I'm trying to get a wigan/welsh coal combo going. It doesn't need to be era/area specific but I'd like it to be based around the coal.


I can't upload pictures for some reason. I'll get them up ASAP.


Thank you so much for your replies.




P.S has anyone ever used the pop up buildings? I was Hattons Model Railway shop back in Liverpool earlier on and they had these packs what looked like push out buildings. They weren't the paper ones but looked more like a really hard card structure. I can't think of the name but they looked quite good.

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Hello again.


Here's the pictures of the redesign.


I forgot to mention. My locos are pre DCC so they'll just be DC.




Those kits I mentioned were from Metcalfe! They don't look too bad and I'd like to try them. Would you recommend?


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