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Chemical Blackening; a handy tip (probably done before!)

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This has probably already been thought of but may be useful...

I build quite a few signals in 7mm scale and I like to chemically blacken all the drive wires/rods (and sometimes the ladders) rather than paint them. Instead of brushing on the fluid I dip them.

How do I dip long lengths of wire and ladder?


A plastic tube with a good tight fitting plastic stopper that the lengths of wire were purchased in, filled with Carrs Metal Black for brass/nickel silver. Simply immerse the wire or ladder in the fluid, agitate for a few seconds, remove and wipe or rinse. All done.

Here's a short length of ladder as a demo.



Don't forget though, blackening will almost completely prevent solder adhering to the metal so and areas you wish to solder can be masked off with Maskol or you can clean up an area with a scratchbrush afterwards.

Hope this is of some use...

Jon F.

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