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I'd never noticed that before

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Was at the South Devon Railway this afternoon and while waiting for the loco (pannier L92) to run round I happened to look at the buffers on the coach and noticed (shock horror) the buffer shanks were rectangular not round.


This is obviously not a one off but how common were\are rectangular shanks



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Both Maunsell and Bulleid LHCS used rectangular shanked, retractable buffers, in conjunction with buckeye couplers.



Maunsell / Bulleid LHCS - Extended, with Collar in place



Maunsell / Bulleid LHCS - Retracted, with Collar removed


A non retractable type was fitted to the outer ends of the 2-NOL and early batches of the 2-BIL Emus


The 2-BIL's shown here, on the right.

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