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So after a pretty difficult year and a bit, life starts to move on and I can get back to some real modelling rather that virtual and non! Yesterday I headed out of t'Dales to the NEAG meeting. The object was to make a 2mmFS Mineral Wagon Kit in a day and given my rustiness I wasn't confident that I would achieve this target. The first thing that was apparent was that I was only needing minuscule amounts of solder to stick things together. Although I think I am pretty neat with my track building this was another level of restraint. Not having my usual iron with me, as I managed to forget it having got my tools out having being packed away for around a year I thought I better not forget anything.. but I am use to the tip on it and the way of it.


Anyway I was rescued by MickS who popped home, and found a spare. The day went really well and got the juices flowing again and it was nice to see old and new faces and get on with actual building. The lunch and afternoon tea was lovely and rather blew my diet but am back on the lettuce and dry water today! Anyway with all cylinders firing again and the gloom of winter disappearing I have another two wagon kits to complete. Looking forward to York and spending some birthday money. Spring has sprung.. :)


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