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Blog- BRM Blog - Flying Visit to Intermodellbau in Dortmund

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This week Steve Cole and I paid a flying visit to the massive Intermodellbau modelling show in the German city of Dortmund. Having promised myself a visit for several years, I knew it was big but nothing could quite prepare us for the sheer scale of the event.

Attendance reaches almost 100,000 over the five days, with exhibits spread across eight exhibition halls and covering model railways (2 halls), radio control aircraft, RC road vehicles, military modelling, live steam, card modelling, static and RC boats/ships, international RC car racing and just about anything else you can think of.

On the railway side, there were 27 layouts from four countries, many of which were modular in design and assembled by modelling clubs from all over Germany. However, the most impressive aspect of the railway hall was the extremely strong trade support from the likes of Roco/Fleischmann, Hornby International, Bachmann/Liliput, Lenz, Maerklin/Trix/LGB and many large retailers from across Germany, the Netherlands and beyond.

Here are a few stats to give you an impression of just how big this show is:


* 561 exhibitors


* Companies/exhibits from 17 countries including; Germany, Belgium, China, Italy, France, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Czech Republic and Hungary


* Sales in 2013 = €20 million


* Displays: More than 20,000 individual models, 27 model railway layouts, a 400 square metre sailing lake, RC racing track, indoor flying display arena and outdoor flying displays in the adjacent football stadium.


And all this for €14 (€11.50 if you book in advance) or €6 for kids.


See www.intermodellbau.de for much more information

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