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D6320 at Parkend in August 1968

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Good evening all.


Yes plans are afoot for a new build class 22, I am the chairman t this group and will give a little info.

We have our website - www.class22newbuild.co.uk


We have the first batch of nbl drawings, which are now being analysed ready for discussions to start on fabrication on the chassis frame.


Component sourcing and securing has now started so we have parts, this will continue so we have most parts In stock.


We have a membership now for the society, we have a full range of merchandise like fleeces, t shirts, glasses, cups and so much more.


Please show support and visit the page.


Kind regards


Chairman for project 22

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I would love to see a Class 22 at DFR again. The new build is great news and I am just off to look at the website. My N gauge Dapol Class 22 on my Parkend layout is D6320 chosen because I found on the internet the super Martin Wynne photos without knowing who took them. I also used that same series of photos to scratch build the three sheds surrounding the Forestry Commision big shed and to have a go at scratch building the house (now demolished and rebut) next to the Stationmasters House. I'm glad I found this thread. Martin 's photos have been a massive help - but colour would have been really great!!

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Yep, D6320 (a.k.a. "Lister") is my favourite too. I built an O Scale model of it from the Steve Beattie kit, although I've subsequently sold it while it was still worth something in the face of the pending (& much more accurate) JLTRT kit, & the rumoured possibility of an O scale D63xx from Dapol.... although as their long-promised 08 also appears to be still just a rumour, I may have pre-empted a Dapol 22 by several Millenia...



The new 1:1 D63xx should be painted Green Small Yellow Panel, & numbered D6320 BY LAW. :nono: ...even if only on the side that carried the name; it can carry some other number on the other side :D

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Going back to the original picture, I'm always curious how that road crossing still has tracks embedded in the road, given that no other trace of the line still seems to remain. I just had a look on Google maps and it still appears to be there.

It is one of those oddities that add to the character of the area's railways. I think the road has even undergone resurfacing (possibly several times since Marsh Sidings were removed) & the rails are still there!!

Up until Parkend re-opened to passengers that spur was still connected to the main track via a slip point, & accessible to locos. I think the last loco to run on that bit of track - right onto the road itself - was a 14xx. I've certainly seen a photo of a 14xx there. Since the Station was re-opened the slip has been removed and neither the spur to the road nor the spur by the Goods Shed are connected to the main. I have no idea if they ever will be again.

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Parked station was fascinating right up until before reopening with the grass-covered track & platforms kept cropped by the free-range sheep. Add in the Forest atmosphere, the pub & more, evocative & unique. Martin Wynne's photos capture it well.


I recall the other NB loco at Barry was a ScR class 29, which was also sadly scrapped. There was minimal interets at the time, the last baby deltic went about the same time (sans engine)



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Sorry, I don't think there's any photographic records of the Hymeks working on the FoD lines **. They did work on the nearby Tintern Quarry line, though (remains of old Wye Valley line).


** Edit - I'd love to be corrected on that point!

One Hymek made it to Parkend - D7043 visited in 1971 with a couple of brake vans, the week before one of the DFR's open weekend. It certainly moved some preserved stock around, but I'm unsure if it worked any coal/ballast out of the Marsh Sidings. I have some photos and a even a cinefilm clip of it at home but I'm unsure if I can share.


I've got a hunch D7001 also made it down the branch, but not concrete proof.



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