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Blog- The GC and Met in OO - Lord Faringdon, part 2

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Suddenly the model looks a lot better for being given a new lick of paint:<br /><br /><span rel='lightbox'><img class='bbc_img' src='http://i149.photobucket.com/albums/s53/masgtai/Locomotives%202/DSCF2201_zpsdd28a6a4.jpg' alt='Posted Image' /></span><br /><br /><span rel='lightbox'><img class='bbc_img' src='http://i149.photobucket.com/albums/s53/masgtai/Locomotives%202/DSCF2202_zps49fe003a.jpg' alt='Posted Image' /></span><br /><br />Aside from the paintwork, I've built new front frames to sit just above the bogie and behin the cylinders (this looks much better than the daylight there previously), added a snifting valve to the side of the chimney and reinstated the steampipe running down the driver's side of the boiler. Following a 1925 photograph of Lord Faringdon, I filed down the tops of the tender axleboxes and then replaced them with an attempt at 'Iracier' axlebox covers in plastic sheet.


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