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Automated level crossing - N gauge

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I hope this is in the right place - it seems to cross several forums.


After a visit to Pecorama my son (and me if I'm honest) were rather taken by the automated level crossing where the lights came on and barriers lowered as a train approached. We quite fancy one for my DCC n gauge layout.


Has anyone any experience of this?

I've found the Train Tech lighting kit (although turning the LEDs into a warning light might be tricky) and the Veissmann level crossing barriers. What I'd really like it this to be automated so it all happens as a train approaches. As a concept this seems quite simple but I've no idea how to do it. My electronics skills are limited so any mentions of relays or servos etc confuse me!!



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I don't know about automating the strike in to start the sequence, but the Digirails/Digikeijs servo decoder has a level crossing mode that will operate two servos (for the barriers) and flash the lights.




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