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Iron Ore Tippler Oleo buffers

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Hi All,


Can anyone advise me on the type of Oleo buffers carried on 10' wheelbase Iron ore Tipplers?


Here is a link to a pic:




I am looking to source these from Lanarkshire MS, am I correct in thinking these are of the longer 13'' head variety?




Many thanks for any assistance,


Paul A.

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These are the shorter version of the buffer - 1' 8.5" - the two parts of the casing are the same length as each other and roughly the same length as the shank. The 2' version  is noticeably longer. Aside from this, a longer buffer on a tippler would be unusual.



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Hi Paul, yes I think Adam is correct. Our BP01 would be the one you need. The instanta three link coupling is the give away although some wagons still had this but with the coupling hook extended further out and 2'0'' long buffers.


All the best,

Dave F.

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