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Bachmann A1 Trust Limited Edition Wooden Box Tornado - Pictures Wanted


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I've got a Bachmann limited edition A1 Tornado which my Dad has given me.  It comes in a wooden box and was a limited run of 1000 in Brunswick Green.  It was produced in the early to mid-2000s.


Three questions; 


1) please can someone post a picture of the front end of theirs (specifically the limited edition model) with the detailing pack fitted?  I'm particularly interested in whether the oil lamps on each corner were black or white on this model.


2) did this one come with the dodgy motor subject to a recall, or was this earlier ones?


3) did it come with etched name plates or just the printed ones on the loco?




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1. The lamps were I think supplied black on mine. The only detail parts that I recall being white were the dummy screwlink couplings which I didn't use as a result. It's all so long ago and the packaging long gone that I don't recall more than that.


2. It came fitted with a Mashima 1430 motor, and has run happily from new to this day. According to the label on the underside it was no 659 of the edition, in case that is useful information. (I had an 'Aberdonian' with the original motor, and it was a good runner [and remains so with its present owner, bear in mind it is carrying extra lead ballast too] so never sent it for motor replacement. Since the the motor problem reportedly derived from a batch of substandard wire, if a motor happened to be wound with lengths of good wire such that it met the design intent, then it is a good motor.)


3. Don't recall any etched plates, and would have fitted them if supplied, so all it's got are printed on plates.

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