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Blog- halfmoon colliery railway - wagon CAD update

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hi,<br /><br />That first version of the wagon in my last post was okay but I also wanted to incorporate pockets underneath for adding weight.<br /><br /><br />give an idea of scale, the Width X Length is 33mm x 64mm and the wheel base is 32mm. The chassis was completely redrawn but the axle boxes were copied & pasted from the first version. the bottom of the pockets (top of the chassis) is 1mm thick, the partition walls are 1mm as well.<br /><br />but one problem I am pondering starts like this: the axle boxes are designed to take Gibson pinpoint bearings and Gibson wheel sets just like my scratch built wagons, the axle boxes were glued in place with the bearings and wheels in place so they have a snug fit and no rattle.<br /><br />my pondering is that would these printed axle boxes give enough bend to get the wheels in like on RTR wagons?<div id='attach_wrap' class='rounded clearfix'>

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