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TRAX, the web based model railroad design software


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I' d like to introduce to you my model railroad design application TRAX. It is the first and only web based program of it's kind and it is totally free.


I started developping TRAX in 2011 and launched the first version in the beginning of 2012. Until now it was only available in Dutch - my native language - but recently I started to translate the app and the web site into English.




TRAX features:

- It works on all computers that are equiped with a modern browser, like Windows PC's, iMacs and Linux machines. I'm trying also to get it working well on Android and iOS devices.

- Easy dragging, attach and detach track sections

- Use colors for separate sections or area's. Complete with nice legend

- Make snapshots of your design and save it as png,jpg or gif.

- Surface over 100 by 100 miles possible.

- Share your design. Get comments from fellow TRAX-users or allow others to copy it.

- A viewer that allows you to embed your layout design on your own website or on model railroad fora.

- Share layouts you like with your friends using Twitter-, Facebook- and Google+buttons.

- 100% Free.

- Over 30 track programs already available. And if you are missing one, let me know and I will try my best to get it in.




Please take a look, let me know what you think: www.traxeditor.com


Please note that English is not my native language, I dearly appreciate any suggestions to make the texts on the website and in the user manual better. 


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Hopefully this won't cause too much confusion with another program, also called Trax, which was developed here in the UK by Jeff Geary and is still available via KRB Publications. 

This original TRAX will also happily run on a Mac using the free Winebottler app.


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I think Templot also works on a Mac. I use both Templot and Trax (the UK one!) on Windows8 ok - depends on what the job requirements are.

You would need to be running a windows emulator to run Templot. Not impossible I've never had a lot of success with this (not that I have tried very much). 

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Templot runs fine on a Mac using Codeweavers Crossover (a paid-for Linux/Wine installer) or Winebottler (free). You don't need a copy of Windows.


Lots of Mac users run Templot this way:






Templot also runs fine on Linux+Wine.


Jeff Geary's Trax program also runs this way.





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Hey, it looks like you guys hijacked my topic! ;-)


Anyway - I wanted to inform you that I have added a few new features to TRAX:


- Settings can now be made for each project: options like the background color and the color of the labels can be adjusted.

- The grid-size can be set 

- Now it's possible to load and scale a background image. This feature comes in handy when you are modeling a track plan from a satelite image or a track-plan you found in a magazine. 



I am also working on apps for both iOS and Android that will work better on mobile devices.

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