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Managed to make more substantial progress with the scenery last week - bought 12 trees (woodland scenics)to make up and install. Had a disaster with the first attempt,- I used hairspray to attach the clump foilage, next day when I came to handle the trees guess what? Yup, most of the green stuff fell off!!


Second attempt at tree making, and this time taking no chances- using uhu clear adhesive, result - success!! Obviously 'Tesco' hairspray is not quite as "firm hold" as they like to believe...Three of the trees were adapted to become 'Silver Birches'.

Along with all the tree making has gone a spell of detailing, with street/road names, pre 1967 roadsigns, a bus stop sign,period advertisments,enamel wall signs, road drains and manhole covers, various fences, bushes and a nice brick wall behind "The Kings Arms".

The station building has received similar treatment, with BR.(WR) door plates, along with a re-arrangement of the small buildings situated on the parcels dock.The goods shed has now an approach of stone setts.

Most of the signs came from 'Sankey Scenics' and were a free insert with the 'Railway Modeller', as was the parcels lock-up building ( ex Arley station platform waiting-room) and the small hut next to the temporary signalbox.

All Saints Church now has a vicar, according to the new sign next to the Lych gate - along with a Parish notice board on the other side.

The two sets of goods depot gates also now sport BR.(WR) signs.

The Sproston Creamery now has a clock - which keeps good time, unlike the church clock, some two hours slow...needs looking at!!

The Station Garage has also had the "treatment", with new advertising signs, and the proprietor's name on a new board fixed to the twin roofspans.

The farmshop is run by a Mr. Hodge, who has tidied up the area of land previously occupied during WW2. by a searchlight battery stationed in Sproston, now only the overgrown earth revetment where the light was mounted and the battery HQ , an old Nissen hut remain.


Next task will be to install some more semaphore signals, and add the groundsignals - it will look better when the new box is finally constructed!

With regard to the latter, I am now awaiting the new Ratio lever frame detailing kit to appear. I have partly made up the Wills whitemetal one(SSAM103) , but this has not come out very good- and is sufferering from a wonky frame!..(very poor casting, required lots of filing, and superglue - not working very well...)


On the "to do" list are:the rod-run and leadaway from the yet to be built signalbox to the points, platform canopies (Wills), GWR platform seats, and more platform furniture, oh yes! and also more "little people"..



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