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Blog- N-Gauge LMS Layout - Finally The Layout is Named - Think (Foster Street Change for Maherton)

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Well with my legendary speed of progress (I started this layout a year ago) I have managed to find a name eventually that I am happy with :) Well I'm happy with it now it may change.......


As the station (now called Foster street) has a branch, this made the task a little more difficult, but I must say it was sort of enjoyable too. So using a combination of location name and family name, the ultimate decision was "Foster Street change for Maherton".


So how did I create the signs, well the ones I wanted were to have white letters on an black background, as through my research I had found a number of examples of this style and I thought it would fit in really well. The excuse I was using t myself of the signs being taken down during the war and not yet replaced was not working on me anymore,


So using a modern device called a PC I found a typeface that was similar to that used by the LMS called "Claredon" I know LMS fanatics will tell me I'm wrong and want blood, but its my railway. The other advantage of N gauge is that when you print/produce these things they are that small, unless you take a glass to them, its hard to tell sometimes an impression of something is enough??



I printed these out on a laser printer, on some good quality cartridge paper hopefully avoiding colour leaching, using EXCEL the signs were knocked up in minutes and printed out in various sizes.




Then using one of my favourite materials "Super Glue" I mounted these on some thin card, and when dried and removed from my being attached to my arms and fingers I cut them carefully from the card sheet, and used a black marker to go round the cut edges. Moments later the signs were completed and ready for adding to the platforms and station buildings (I will eventually attach some pictures to prove this, but I am having problems at the moment due to file size).


Flushed with confidence I also produced some better signs for "Morgan's Meats", so these were also produced in the same way as the Station signs, the only difference being I used some enamel paint, washed over the sign to hopefully give an impression of a weather worn example.




"Morgan's Meats, Tasty Treats Est 1910"



Well with all this work I can craving for a Bacon and Black pudding sarnie coming on, I wonder where that came from? Until next time as always happy modelling :)


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