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Blog- Up the Line - 1918 - Barn Therapy

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As an antidote to a month of wiring and locos that refuse to work properly I can thoroughly recommend building a barn. I now feel very much as Harrison Ford must have done in Witness, before people started chasing him again (crikey, I have had some strange dreams lately but that is for another forum!). Anyway, it has all gone together pretty well, there are a few things that I would do differently next time but am really pleased with results so far and pretty fired up over getting loads of extra detail in to make a another little diorama inside the layout.



The colour of the lower walls is a bit light in the pics but this is because light is coming through from the other side. I was not going to finish off the other side for speeds sake but have now realised that although it won't be seen it makes a great backdrop for photos. I have now roughly finished off the outside but not in quite so much detail.


See if you can spot what will be a Swallow's nest in the next pic, and the prop made of fallen timber to stop the whole thing falling over (copied from a contemporary pic)




Since taking these pics I have finished off the roof and have given the floor a coat of PVA and my standard soil.


Unfortunately, I need the studio again to make some real money so will have to box up the layout again tomorrow but will be able to work on a section at a time in the office.

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