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Blog- N-Gauge LMS Layout - I Think I'm Going Potty (Chimney Potts and Yet More Detail)

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Well today I managed to find some time for modelling, so I thought I would finally get some of the outstanding jobs on Foster Street finally completed. Well that was the intention, if only the practice turned out that way.


The first thing was to finally sort out all the chimneys on the terrace houses at the back of the layout, in one of my many brown boxes of cool stuff I was sure I had some white metal castings. Eventually these were found along with a lot of stuff I did not know I had, and were very kindly painted by the Domestic Overlord (I;m not stupid I can feel a plot being hatched here :)) into a nice terracotta colour.


While I was waiting for these to dry, I cracked on with adding the missing window sills, on the terraced houses (much easier to do before I firmly attached them to the layout), and paint the missing front doors. This task was eventually completed, and at the send of it my sanity was shaken but still intact.





To get an indication of how long this took the chimney pots were dry and ready to be fitted, as the houses are only half relief I thought only one pot per chimney would be enough, but looking at the picture, maybe I should fit two. As lovely cast detail is really lost, what I might do is make less detailed ones to sit behind the cast ones?






To be honest fitting the windows sills did not take that long, so I managed to fit the chimneys to the main station building and also finish and fit some platform gas lamps which may just be visible in the pictures. Flushed with success my attention moved to the street and the industrial area on board 2, which meant yet more windows sills.






There are still a few jobs to finish here including yet more chimneys, and shop signs and factory gates etc but the list is getting smaller, and a few further hours should see this area vastly improved. I even got a chance to work on the scrub land on the approach to Foster Street, which saw the use of glue, other than my favourite superglue, and the exhaustion of my supply of cheap hairspray, and I think I'm happy with the results.






Hopefully I have captured the look of that scrubby grass/gorse land that is seen on the outskirts of industrial areas from the transition from urban to rural landscape?





I even managed a to spend a few minutes looking at possible locations for some of the figures I have produced for the layout, but I think I will leave this to the Domestic Overlord, as apparently my ideas are a little dark...




The new assistant takes a break at Morgans meats.






Two drunken Penguins spotted at local hostelry....


Yes its hard to believe even for me that I have achieved so much, and without any major disasters, well that's not exactly true, but all I will say is, in my hands a 3g tube of Superglue is more destructive than its same weight of Plutonium.


As always until next time, Happy Modelling :)


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