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Western Avenue - a row of semi detached houses

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Hi all,


I have offered a row of houses for the RMweb live party in September. 


What I'm attempting is a diorama consisting of a short road and a series of 4 or 5 semi-detached properties. Each one will be built using a different method of construction. So far, I've thought of : 

  • R-T-P Resin
  • Airfix Plastic Kit
  • Scalescenes Kit T013
  • Scratchbuild in Plasticard
  • Scratchbuild in card & brickpaper


In addition, where practicable, only one half of each will be complete; the other half will be left half-done to show the methods used. 


There will be gardens, garages, veg plots, etc.  To accompany the diorama there will be a description of the build for each house, plus an estimate of costs and time to make.


So, first up is the Airfix / Dapol pair of semis. 




Of course, as this is a complete kit, it will actually be fully built on both sides, but only part painted on one side. The gardens will be different too - one well kept, the other more like Onslow's / Claude Greengrass's.


Work will start soon...

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Houses No 1 & 2 - Dapol kit C057 - Part 1


As it says in the instructions, this is a very simple kit,conisting of a pre-formed roof, a chimney, four walls and various windows, doors and drain pipes.


It is also quite an old kit, so the there was some flash and some pieces were slightly warped. Because of this, I first glued the front wall to the roof, followed by the side walls and finally the rear wall.  Even so, there were gaps between the walls & roof.




At this point, I decided to super-detail (!) one half of the building, leaving the other as near as original as possible, to show what could be done to enhance the kit with minimal effort.


I added a length of round microstrip to the ridges of the roof.


On the bay wall, I added some hanging tiles (Slaters roof tiles) and some woodwork on the gable (microstrip).




I also added a frieze just under the soffit, to hide any gaps (more microstrip).







The walls represent a rendered covering, but this doesn't usually reach the floor, only down to the damp course. To replicate this, I added a few rows of brick (Wills) under and inside the kit walls. This will also help when planting the building.






I decided to add a small porch, inside the arch, so also added a step (Slaters square setts).





The other half of the building had a lower wall made from card.





Next steps are to paint the walls and roof.



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Houses No 1 & 2 - Dapol kit C057 - Part 2


Paint has now been applied, at least a first coat.


The roof has been covered in a blue/grey (Humbrol Matt 144). It's come out a bit patchy, which is fine, as the next dry-brush pass of a darker grey will add to the variety.




The lower walls & hanging tiles had a coat of one of my stock colours (Humbrol Matt 113). This seems to be a good base for many shades of brick, or rust, and again forms a good base for further weathering.




The door had a coat of light green (Humbrol Matt 120), this will also be used on the drain & water pipes and the guttering.




The walls were then coated in light yellow (Humbrol Matt 103).


In between each colour the brush was not cleaned, so when appying the wall paint random patches of darker colour appeared under the yellow. This helps to vary the flat colour of the wall, giving a more (in my opinion) realist finish.




Next - more paint on the other half and start the next stage of weathering.

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Houses No 1 & 2 - Dapol kit C057 - Part 3


There are several houses in my locale which are pebbledashed, but as they are circa 1976 the render behind is starting to show through as red streaks.


To try to replicate this, before adding the main wall colour (white, Humbrol Matt 5), I painted some patches of #113  in varying intensity.


I then added the white, but I think the paint was too thick as it's kept the brush marks.








So I'll need to lightly sandpaper the walls to see if I can smooth out the surface. 


Also notice some areas of overpainting, which will need careful tidying.




Once this is done, on to the windows & doors.

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Houses No 1 & 2 - Dapol kit C057 - Part 4


Success !


Having lightly sanded the walls, to remove either the paint or the paint ridges, I re-painted them with a thinned version of white.


By using more thinner than paint, I achieved what I thought was going to dry as a smooth finish.


What I got was cracking paint !









Sorted !

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I have to admit defeat with this idea.


Lack of time before the event meant it wasn't ready - since then I've tried to concentrate on Shepherds.


The two buildings will be used in some future project - possibly within the wider loft layout idea.

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