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Here is one of the better know model examples of this feature, standing between the engine shed and the turntable at East Lynn. No doubt the plot has been enhanced with the products from cleaning out the horse box 'stabled' in the loco spur by the signal box. The main crop seems to be 'clove cabbages', not a variety to be found in the seedsman catalogue, but one that shows the ingenuity of the model to find something suitable off the shelf for modelling in S Scale. Perhaps pepper corns might have been more appropriate as I assume the rent for using railway land in this way was small even if it were paid. Does anyone know about this interesting side of railway life.


Although the sale of honey produced by Mr Wilfred Osman's bees at Chapelton near Barnstaple is mentioned in my book, "Views of a Changing Railway: Edward Hopper Railwayman from 1925 to 1968", I never discovered from him the financial relationship between the railway and its employees allotments. Mr Osman was a frequent winner of the 'Best Kept Station' award, with the picture on page 81 showing him hoeing the platform flower beds while talking to his main source of traffic, Mr Parkman the manager of the Chapleton Sawmill.


(The book is available on Amazon or to order from book shops!)

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