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Blog- N-Gauge LMS Layout - Foster Street - Recovery (Stage 2 - 8F Restoration)

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Well the progress on restoring one of my 8F locomotives, to an LMS example has seen quite a lot of progress in a very short space of time.


Gone is the terrible LNER graffiti on her tender sides, and the number scrawled across her cab sides, and the area has been made ready to receive suitable LMS lettering and fleet number (I still have to chose a suitable number). The moulded coal load has been removed and replaced with a slightly depleted load of real coal.


I even have a suitable crew lines up, just waiting for the major surgery required to fit them into the cab, and I have even managed to fit cab windows, using my trusty method of clear plastic and superglue.


So flushed was I with success that I even managed to fit windows into my Fairburn tank, which is turning out to be one of my slowest ever builds :). All I need to do now is finally decide on a number and both the loco's can receive a little weathering, I think a light coating for both of them????


To be honest I was quite enjoying this little project until reality hit me.....

1. The Domestic Overlord must have something major planned for me as not obstruction of comment has me made about me spending time with my trains :) (I can feel some form of DIY/Decorating punishment coming up)

2. I found a rough doodle, of the plan I had for the layout I drew a couple of years ago, which is actually pretty close to the real thing, (surely this is not meant to happen :))

3. I now have more scale panes of glass glued to my fingers and arms, than you would see in one of those "I say you buy one you get one free" adverts.


Apologies for the poor pictures, as ever Happy Modelling :)

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