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I had a bit of a hold up with construction of this layout back when I was building it. Funding had become an issue as we just had our new house built and needed to buy lots of stuff for the house, create gardens, driveways paths etc. Then my wife got sick and was unable to work for a year however all back on track now and work on the layout had now resumed.


There's a few things happening; lots of kit building for the city scene and railway yards, track laying, point instalation, electronics instalation, board building and backscenes.


Kit building

I'm building the kits with one coat of paint and not bothering to detail or weather them. This is more so I can move them around and get them in the right place before finally settling them in a permanent location. Once a permanent location is found I'll finish off the painting and weathering.


Track laying

Have laid two circuits of the boards and am in the process of adding yards as time allows. The wiring is loose and in choc blocks until I get my ECoS detectors after which a more permanent form of wiring will be done. I have already isolated all lengths of track in anticipation of the block sections.


Point instalation

Using my favoured combination of Lenz LS 150 and Tillig motors. Yep, they are noisy but then you know they've sprung. Ran out of LS150s the other day so more on order. Will finish of the last points I have when this arrives. Only two left at this point. Will get more later in the year.



Had been thinking about moving to Zimo but don't think it gives me anything more and costs a lot. Will be staying with ESU for the duration. I don't think there is a better controller out there. I think my issue was that, having bought the ECoS when it first came out, it is the black and white screen version. I'd like the colour but don't need two ECoS's so can't really find a reason to buy a colour one. I'd like one but it's a lot of cash only for the colour screen. I'd get no additional functionality. I suppose I could get round this by using software which I was thinking of before. Maybe further down the track I'll get a lap top and use RR and Co? Anyhow having decided on sticking with ESU I've ordered the ECoS detect modules and am waiting on them coming. Will do a bit of rewiring then.


Board building

For this section of the layout board building is almost at an end. I made the last board for the rear right corner the other day. It's not been put in place yet as it will be in a difficult to access position. I intend to add an upper level which will be one terminus of the shuttle lines that will run along the back of the layout. I'l fix this in and also the back boards will be attached to this too. The plan is to try out all the buildings for this area before hand and come up with the best fit, do the paths roads etc before putting it in. Currently I'm using it as a workbench for kit building as shown below.





I found some ok backscenes on sale from Modelbahn Kramm which I've ordered. I'll modify these a bit but some of them look ideal. The city I'm building is modelled on Rottenburg and the back scenes seem to be just right for this. Nice size too 40cm high, which isn't bad.


I was just thinking the other day about how much better it is having a designated railway room actually in the house rather than having to go out in the garage. It's heated, has air con and I don't have to go out in the rain. If I get a spare minute I can just pop in and do stuff rather than it being a minor expedition.


Here's some pictures of where I'm up to.


This is the main station area. This will have platforms etc. The area to the left will be coaling yards and other services. The area to the right will be old town. At the very back of this section will be two raised shuttle lines where I'll leave two locos to shuttle back and forward. I will mainly focus on era 2 but will occaisonally run era 1 and 3 if I feel like it.




This is the track laying at the main station area. Still ongoing and probably will be for a while.




This is the duck under bridge just as you come in the room. It is still a lift out section but I will be nailing it down as it's not too hard to duck under. I've tried to make the layout pretty close to eye level as there's no point buying highly detailed stcok and detailing your layout if you can't see it. Besides if the kids can reach it, it's history. On my last layout the kids liked to play on the grass section with their dinosaurs when I wasn't looking! Triceratops can play havoc with your grass and scenery.




This area is to the immediate right as you come in the room. This will ultimately be hidden behind backboards and another layout will be built at the front part. Still not sure what I'm going to do here. Originally I had wanted to build a Scottish coastal scene but am still thinking about this. Another option would be turntable and sheds but I'll leave that for now as I have enough to do elsewhere.




That's where I'd got up to at this point. I aimed to pick up some more track at the Caulfield show as Orient Express usually come to that and they are the guys who I buy my Tillig track from locally.


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